We are extremely fortunate to have Hanna Sarangan join us as the new head chef at Satsanga. Working alongside Kalpana and the team, she manages the centre’s meal planning and preparation and offers cooking classes. As a health chef, Hanna finds joy and fulfillment in reconnecting people with their bodies through what they eat. She facilitates the development of people’s strengths, sensitivities and responsibilities in leading healthful lifestyles. She offers a nutritious culinary experience that impacts people at their roots – in taste and nurturance. So prepare to be nourished! 

We are also working in collaboration with Hanna on a new healthy vegetarian cookbook, so watch this space!


We serve from a vegetarian kitchen, with the freshest ingredients. It is challenging to source a completely organic kitchen in Goa, but we do what we can by purchasing locally grown fruit and vegetables sourced from the local market and a local abundant kitchen garden and food forest. We prepare everything fresh and homemade– some of the herbs and salad ingredients used by the kitchen are grown in our garden, bananas are picked from the trees at Satsanga, and your soya milk is freshly made on site. Our eggs are organic and are sourced from the village free-range chickens.

For breakfast you’ll enjoy a mouthwatering array of tropical fruits, served buffet style alongside chia porridge, muesli, yoghurt, organic wild honey, fresh home made breads and chutneys or jams. A hot dish can be served alongside this, such as idli with chutney and sambar, masala/ millet dosas, shakshuka, scrambled eggs, vegan omelettes, or gluten-free pancakes.

Afternoon and evening meals vary daily. You can taste the flavours of India and South Asia with our beautifully prepared traditional Indian dishes, or exquisite vegetarian/vegan dishes such as khow suey, Sri Lankan thalis, or raw lasagna. Our kitchen serves quite a wide and unique variety of food (often inspired by home-style cooking), so you are sure to be excited and inspired by your food experience at Satsanga. We also make some pretty incredible vegan ice-cream.

We have a new wood fire pizza oven and serve pizza on Friday evenings, if it agrees with the retreat’s food requests.

In case you need a snack in between meals, we offer a menu of bliss balls, energy bars, juices, and light snacks such as fruit or homemade oatmeal biscuits that can be ordered for an extra charge. Teas such as chamomile, peppermint, hibiscus and black tea are available 24 hours in the dining hall alongside regular coffee.

Hanna Sarangan – Nutrition Consultant

During your stay with us, why not book yourself a consultation with our health chef, Hanna? She provides nutritional guidance that addresses a variety of health issues, diseases, and chronic conditions. Drawing from different schools of thought, she tailors her advice to suit each individual’s specific needs and develop healthier practices related to food.

Booking a Retreat at Satsanga Retreat

When you book a retreat at Satsanga, you will have the ability to customise the retreat menu based on the dietary needs that fits with the retreat ethos and schedule. Vegan and gluten free meals are avaiable on request.

 Rejuvenation Therapies

Abhyanga This traditional ayurvedic warm oil massage is a deeply relaxing and nourishing experience. By applying warm oil with continuous, fluid, and rhythmic movements, Abhyanga stimulates marma points, vital energy points throughout the body, bridging the mind, body and spirit.
Shirodhara An ayurvedic restorative therapy where a stream of warm oil flows continuously over the forehead, helping to relieve stress, sleeplessness, and anxiety. Shirodhara begins with a 20-minute abyanga massage.

 Spa Treatments

Pedicures, manicures, facials and waxing are available with Geeta, our qualified therapist.






Wireless internet is available for guests staying at Satsanga who bring their own laptops, iPads, iPhones, etc. For guests who don’t have their own wireless devices, there are several internet cafes nearby in Anjuna and Mapusa.


Machine or hand-washing is available at a small charge.