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The F00d at Satsanga

Come & try our delicious tropical breakfasts or experience one of our communal pizza nights, fresh from our wood fired oven (vegan & gluten free options available).




We serve from a vegetarian kitchen, with the freshest ingredients. It is challenging to source a completely organic kitchen in Goa, but we do what we can by purchasing locally grown fruit and vegetables sourced from the market and other trusted merchants. Most of our grains and sweeteners such as honey and jaggery are organic. We also prepare everything fresh and homemade – some of the herbs and salad ingredients used by the kitchen are grown in our garden, when ready the bananas can be picked from the trees at Satsanga, and your soya milk is freshly made on site. Our eggs are always organic and are sourced from the village free-range chickens. 


For breakfast you’ll enjoy a mouthwatering array of tropical fruits, served buffet style alongside chia porridge, muesli made with organic toasted and popped amaranth, yoghurt, organic wild honey, fresh home made breads and chutneys or jams. A hot dish can be served alongside this, such as idli with chutney and sambar, masala/millet dosas, shakshuka, scrambled eggs, vegan omelettes, or gluten-free pancakes.

Afternoon/Evening Meals

Afternoon and evening meals vary daily. You can taste the flavours of India and South Asia with our beautifully prepared traditional Indian dishes, or exquisite vegetarian/vegan dishes such as khow suey, Sri Lankan thalis, or raw lasagna. Our kitchen serves quite a wide and unique variety of food (often inspired by home-style cooking), so you are sure to be excited and inspired by your food experience at Satsanga. We also make some pretty incredible vegan ice-cream.

Wood Fire Pizza/Snacks

We have a new wood fire pizza oven and serve pizza on Friday evenings, if it agrees with the retreat’s food requests.

In case you need a snack in between meals, we offer a menu of bliss balls, energy bars, juices, and light snacks such as fruit or homemade oatmeal biscuits that can be ordered for an extra charge. Teas such as chamomile, peppermint, hibiscus and black tea are available 24 hours in the dining hall alongside regular coffee.

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Explore Indian Cuisine

Cooking Lessons

Join the very talented staff in the kitchen and learn how to make dhals, dosas, masala chai and more!

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