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Volunteering & Contributing

Many guests ask if there is anything they can bring to help the local people. There is an orphanage nearby, that works with abandoned street children and those from economically poor or broken families in Goa and other parts of India. They are always in need of light-weight children’s clothing and shoes. Also, there are many families in the village of Verla Canca, and light-weight clothing is always appreciated. There are also a couple of local animal rescues, and they need supplies like Advantage or Frontline to help keep the animals free of flees and ticks. These products, although available, are price-prohibitive in India.

If you are interested in a long-term volunteer position at the children’s orphanage or school, arrangements should be made in advance because of background checks and documentation required. However if you want to make a one-time visit to bring the children something, arrangements can be made whilst in Goa. For one-time visits, the orphanage directors encourage treats like juice boxes, crackers, cookies or banana chips. The toys they encourage are things like balls and frisbees, toys that all of the children can share and play with together. They welcome cash donations, and also have a "Sponsor a Child" program. You can find more information about this program during your visit if you wish.  


If you would like to volunteer with the local animal rescues, you can also arrange this once in Goa. The rescue always needs volunteer dog walkers.

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